How to Get Rid of Skin Boils

Skin Boils

I’m talking now for those of you, who don’t have boils that come from ingrown hairs or hairs, but those of you, who have boils on body parts that have nothing to do with hair. Your body is talking to you. If you are the very occurrence of something like this and it happened more than twice, I wholeheartedly would suggest to you go on a detox diet. And what does a detox diet consist of? I would start with eliminating all meat, all chicken, all flour, all sugar, all sodas, all dairy. And for 30 days I would take juice every day with a lot of greens, and reds, and oranges, a lot of vegetables and fruits. I would eat a ton of fresh salads. You can eat brown rice but you cannot eat anything that has flour in it, you cannot consume anything that has sugar in it.

detox diet

You can eat a lot of tofu products, a lot of soy products. You can go to good health market, you can buy yourself spreads, you can eat sardines, you can eat fresh fish, but none of what I mentioned should you eat. And you do this for one month. You will allow your body to detoxify and get rid of all the toxins that are in your system. And it might happen that after a week that you do it, you will suddenly see more boils come into the surface. That is okay because that only proves you that the body is getting rid of it. And the body will get rid of it in every possible way; sometimes you might see that you have a funny mucus coming out like from your eyes or your nose. It’s normal. You might feel that you discharged in your body has a different smell and it has a different color. That’s normal. You might notice that your stool is different. Why? Because the body is ridding itself of toxins. So I would say anybody that had more than two boils on their body that has nothing to do with ingrown hairs, should go and detoxify at least for 30 days. I did not say don’t eat; I just said detoxify. Dairy, and flour, and sugar, and red meat is such a bad thing for you and your skin, and you would see what a difference a month would make: your skin will suddenly clear up, you boil will go away, you will have much more energy, you will feel much better.

And, of course, cleansing your body is very important, scrubbing, exfoliating your body because the toxins are coming to the surface and if the skin and the pores are clogged, you need to peel. Scrub your body every three days on dry skin before you take a shower and then shower. So you slough off the dead skin, you let the pores breathe, you let the skin allow the toxins to come out through the skin, through your mouth. And I promise you, I know it, I live like this, that all the toxins will get out, and you will become a happy camper, and maybe you will realize “Oh my god, it is really not so bad, I have so much more energy, I don’t need to eat meat, I don’t need to eat chicken, I don’t need to eat eggs, I don’t need to eat dairy food”. There is so much other healthy protein food that you can eat, vegetables and fruits, and you can have so much energy and have healthy good-looking skin. You might just change the way you live and eliminate boils forever.