7 Campus Scramble

How It Works?

On Saturday, April 13, 2013, students from all seven Greensboro higher education institutions will take over Downtown Greensboro to 7 Campus Scramble. Competing for a Golden Rolling Pin, runners sprint through downtown and scramble through four off-the-wall biscuit-themed obstacles. The course will be set up in Center City Park with a race route through Downtown Greensboro’s Cultural District. Obstacles will be placed throughout the race route in Center City Park and competitors will slide, crawl, jump and sprint through breakfast ingredients.

All proceeds from the 7 Campus Scramble and leftover biscuits will be donated to the Greensboro Urban Ministry.

Competitors can compete relay style in a team of four or compete individually.

The Team Race

Teams will start in heats of four runners with a little time between heats. Specific heat times will be posted before the race. The Team Race is an obstacle relay. Team Member 1 starts the relay and runs to the Sweet Tea Tumble. The Team Member must then run around the .7 mile course and back through the start area where they will hand their rolling pin relay baton off to Team Member 2 who will be cued up in the start area. Team Member 2 will then run through the Grit Iron Tires followed by a run around the course. After receiving the baton from Team Member 2, Team Member 3 will then run through the Buttermilk Slip n Slide followed by a run around the course. Team Member 3 will then hand the baton off to Team Member 4 who will complete the final obstacle, the Jelly Belly Crawl. Team Member 4 will then run around the course and cross the finish line into the arms of his or her equally disgusting looking teammates.

All team makes will run through the Flour Shower in each leg of the race!

The Individual Race

If you don’t have a team or want to really get messy, then the individual race is for you! You will complete all of the above mentioned obstacles by yourself but you STILL HAVE TO CARRY THE ROLLING PIN. Individual Heats of Four will follow the Team Heats.


This event will be chip timed. The chip will be attached to your rolling pin so it is important that you keep the rolling pin on you until you pass it off to your teammate.

The Course

As described above, the course is 4 laps around an obstacle course unlike any you have seen before. One of the four obstacles will occur at the beginning of each lap. There will be four lanes around the start area that will be clearly marked to direct you to your obstacles. For the Team Race, Team Members will wait for their runner on course at a designated hand-off area specific to the obstacle they will perform. The lanes and hand-off areas will be clearly marked.

Download Course Map (PDF)

Registration & Race Packet Pick Up

Register early as space is limited! Race registration is online only will be open until April 10, 2013. Only individual runners may sign up on the day of the race.

Pricing Information:

  • $15 for students/ corporate sponsor employees
  • $60 Student teams/ corporate sponsor employee teams
  • $30 Non-students
  • $120 Non-student Teams

Each registered runner will receive a Runner Bag with t-shirt and a rolling pin baton per team. Runners will receive complimentary biscuits after the race!

Runner bag pick up will be on Friday, April 12, 2013 from 12noon to 6pm at the Green Bean Coffee Shop (341 South Elm Street in Downtown Greensboro). Please bring a print out of your race registration to identify yourself.


The Seven Campus Scramble will have four off-the-wall biscuit themed obstacles between .7 mile loops around downtown Greensboro. Relay Race Teams will choose which team member will tackle obstacles. Individual runners will face all four obstacles.

Sweet Tea Tumble: Scale a 12 foot tall ramp with a lemon in your mouth and tumble down 14 feet into a pool of Southern Sweet Tea!

Grit-Iron Tires: High knee through 8 sets of tires filled with wet grits. Lace up your shoes tightly to get through this Southern-style quick sand!

Buttermilk Slip n’ Slide: A running leap into a 27 foot long river of buttermilk and slide to the final leg of the race.

Jelly Belly: Army crawl on your elbows under flags through a low 20 foot long plane of strawberry jelly. Then race around the last stretch to the finish line!

Finale Bonus Obstacle Flour Shower: Get dusted in flour as you sprint through the course! Prepare to hold your breath as you’re breaded.

Rules And Safety

  • Have Fun and Be Safe.
  • Participants must follow rules and respect instruction given by race staff, volunteers and medical personnel.
  • Participants must be physically able to complete the course and obstacles they choose.
  • This is a fun run so help your neighbor if he or she needs help
  • Entrants may not go through obstacle more than once per loop
  • Baby joggers, baby strollers, in-line skates, bicycles, skateboards or any other type of wheeled device are prohibited.
  • Several videographers and photographers will be stationed along the course. Participants agree to allow any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes.
  • Runners must dress appropriately as this is a family friendly event. Remember that clothes and shoes will get very dirty.
  • No spikes
  • Shoes are mandatory for the full race.
  • No flip-flops, sandals, high heels. All shoes must lace up securely.
  • Earrings, necklaces, jewelry or any other sharp objects are greatly discouraged.
  • Drunkenness, obnoxious behavior, fighting, or any other unruly behavior will result in dismissal from the event.
  • Have Fun and Be Safe.

Race Day

Whether youre geared up to compete in the 7 Campus Scramble or just looking to support Greensboros collegiate competition as a spectator, we hope to see you in Center City Park the morning of April 13, 2013. We’ll have plenty of biscuits, coffee and OJ to keep Greensboro fueled.

Saturday, April 13, 203
Center City Park
200 North Davie Street Downtown Greensboro, NC


  • 7:30AM Volunteer Check In
  • 8:00AM Day-Of Registration
  • 10:00AM Heats Begin


Teams will start in heats of four runners with a little time between heats. Specific heat times will be posted before the race. The Team Race will begin first, followed by the Individual Race.

Awards Presentation will be immediately after the final runner finishes the race.

Get Involved


Not interested in getting messy? There are plenty of ways to get involved in the race volunteer, cheer and spectator! We’ll have plenty of biscuits, coffee and OJ keep Greensboro fueled.

Volunteer opportunities include Race Registration, Information Table, Runner Hospitality, Course Monitors, Obstacle Monitors, Event Photographers and Rovers. All volunteers will receive a complimentary Biscuitville Bowl T-Shirt and Breakfast.

Email Cecelia Thompson, Director of Projects at Action Greensboro, to sign up to volunteers. cthompson@actiongreensboro.org


The Greensboro Collegiate Biscuitville Bowl is an excellent way to reach out to Greensboros 50,000 college students and the collegiate community at-large. There are plenty of opportunities from sponsoring an obstacle or donating in-kind prizes for runners.

See Sponsorship Information. Email April Harris, Executive Director at Action Greensboro, to sign up for a sponsorship. aharris@actiongreensboro.org